Doctors sausage "the three piglets"

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Doctors sausage is a ham wurst which was developed in the Sovjet Union by the smartest doctors of the 15 republics. Their mission was to make a product which was not only very tasty, but also contained high quality ingredients that were needed for citizens to recover from the hungers of the Second World War. The result was this sausage that people embraced and called a "Doctors Sausage" since it is very healthy products that gives power to your body. Now there may be some variations to the doctors sausage. This is one of them. Since you now know the secret make sure to share it with your friends. 500 grams of high quality pork.

This sausage is often bought to make a Russian salad called "Olivie" or a dish called "Okrosjka".

Most of the times it is used for making sandwiches, the common is to put thick slices of around 5mm.

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